Oregon Quarterly Winter 2011

The sudden appearance of a Vietnamese family in Post brings a visceral understanding of a distant war
The UO and the state of Oregon have been long and lasting contributors to the international vision of the Peace Corps
Early settler Narcissa Whitman left a lasting legacy in the Columbia Basin that she might not recognize or condone
Fundraising for high school sports and activities means cleaning up after a party for 58,000
Douglas Jenkins and a crew of Portland cellists create truly alternative music
Excerpt from Ken Babbs' fiction book about the American-Vietnam war, Who Shot the Water Buffalo: A Novel
Range-riding shepherd turned astrophysicist
Duck takes top job with the Nevada ACLU
Excerpt from coauthor Nicolette Bromberg's book, Shadows of a Fleeting World, about the Seattle Camera Club
A charming courtyard nestled in the center of the JSMA provides a dreamy oasis for lovebirds
Architecture professor champions student-teacher relationships and travel 
The world goes techno for academics, too
Product design students build a better bike
Excerpt from an article by Ronald Bailey about the results of a statewide survey regarding consumption
A poetry press rooted in the Willamette Valley is not your typical publishing house
Memorial to a UO founder and his family to be preserved in granite
A pair of surprises for a quarter-century celebration
Letters to the editor include praise for the Hoedads, debates on education, and an appreciation for UO and OQ diversity