Oregon Quarterly Winter 2012

Folklorist Dan Wojcik examines the Internet-fed frenzy over an ancient Mayan prophecy that says when the world will end
With luck, determination, and the kindness of strangers, a young man uncovers the mysterious circumstances of his birth
If you want to study Antarctic icefish, you have to go where they live
UO archaeologists are rewriting the history of the Americas with their discoveries in Oregon's Paisley Caves
Excerpt from English professor Ben Saunder's book, Do the Gods Wear Capes?
Abigail Scott Duniway's battle to win women the right to vote and her victory's 100-year anniversary
Where are they now?
UO psychology professor Philip Fisher supports foster and adoptive families facing big challenges
One of the most colorful spots on campus come autumn gives a welcome release from the stresses of school
UO law professor teaches students the importance of mediation and the indefinite nature of law
Riding a successful 35-year dog-sledding career, Jerry Scdoris watches daughter Rachael compete for Iditarod gold
A visit by two controversal speakers prompts the Class of '62 to present UO with a platform for free speech on campus
UO professor shares impressions of mystery-shrouded North Korea
This year’s move-in day has a few new twists
Excerpt from historian Joe Blakely's book, Oswald West: Governor of Oregon 1911-1915.
Scrappy, scraggly juniper becomes a cozy Cascades cabin
Letters to the editor include comments on the history of the Duck, the importance of water, and support for the new UO president