Oregon Quarterly Winter 2018

Benjamín Alemán in the á|lab in Willamette Hall
Benjamín Alemán entered the UO with a career plan, until a physics class launched him into the world of the super small
Growing up, Jess Kokkeler loved treehouses. What he learned about them could now help save endangered animals in Africa.
Paul Dull's view of the world stayed with students long after their UO days
The UO's newest residence hall honors indigenous peoples and unites students for social justice
Spencer Holton couldn’t find a resupply company for long-distance hikers. So he started one.
The associate professor of sociology researches and teaches the experience of Mexican Americans and Latinos
OQ intern, also a student worker at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, meets a volunteer with incisor insights
In a recent study, taking a few minutes each day to express gratitude in a written journal changed the brain
Writer. Producer. Actor. Heidi Schreck moves between stage and screen with hits 'Billions' and 'Nurse Jackie' to her name.
A penchant for storytelling propels sportscaster John Strong, BA ’07, to success in “the beautiful game”
Readers respond to articles about Nancy Fadeley, George Wickes, and the audio history of Vanport
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