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Oregon Quarterly, the University of Oregon’s flagship magazine, is now an all-digital, online publication. The new website and inaugural digital-only issue debut April 12, 2023.

With this transformation, OQ will be able to focus its efforts to reach alumni, friends, and readers wherever they are—on smartphones, tablets, and computer screens, anywhere in the world. OQ will continue to publish the same in-depth articles, profiles, campus news, and class notes. Four times a year, we'll assemble the best OQ digital stories and share them with you through an email newsletter. And subscribers will also receive the latest breaking stories from the OQ team.

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Why is Oregon Quarterly making this change?

Since 1919, OQ, and its predecessor, Old Oregon, have told the most compelling stories about the University of Oregon, its people, and its quest for knowledge. We will continue to do so in a fully digital format, allowing the magazine to expand its reach, address changing media trends and reader preferences, and offer more varied and timely stories and content. The change also addresses the rising and unpredictable costs of paper, and lessens the environmental costs of printing, transportation, and waste.

I don’t receive the print version of Oregon Quarterly now. How can I be sure to get the latest articles?

All Oregon Quarterly content will be available online at the OQ website. Anyone can subscribe to the OQ e-newsletter.

Will Class Notes be part of the new Oregon Quarterly?

Class Notes will continue to be a part of Oregon Quarterly. Submit your class notes here.