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Ashley Rendall
Ashley Rendall
Magazine Community Builder, Flux

Junior, Advertising Major, Business Administration Minor
Events and Engagement Coordinator for Flux

Role on Flux: As a member of the Flux team, Ashley helps magazine readers become active participants. She works to connect Flux to the community it serves and to plan events where everyone is encouraged to participate in conversations about the issues addressed in the magazine.

Dream career: In-house marketing communications and advertising for a great brand

Best thing about Flux: Getting hands-on experience makes it fun and interesting. Flux is different from anything else I’ve done. You don’t come to class to just listen. You talk, you share, and you come prepared to make something different. It can get heated, but it’s also fun to talk passionately about our different ideas. We feed off each other. It’s very open, and anyone can greatly affect the magazine. In the end, you produce something great.

Greatest challenge of her job: Making sure people will show up to the events, and will get on board to have these difficult, important conversations. My challenge is to encourage people to show up and open up.

“It’s not real life, but it almost feels like what a job would be like.” — Ashley Rendall





By Ed Dorsch

A Class That’s a Magazine

When you sign up for J475, you’re not just taking a class. You’re joining a magazine staff. That means a professional title, responsibilities, and deadlines. It also means opportunities to collaborate with other students in creating the next iteration of Flux, the school’s flagship publication.

No problem. Actually, lots of problems (though we prefer to call them opportunities), along with some very creative solutions. Because Flux is also a storytelling laboratory.


Covers of previous Flux issues

Every year since 1994, UO students have reinvented one of the nation’s top student-produced magazines. Each edition has a new theme, and every year brings new developments—for technology, the media, and the business of journalism and communications.

Since that first edition, when the focus was race on campus, Flux has never shied away from controversy. Or change. Our students don’t just keep up on what’s happening now. They’re finding a better way.

In recent years, Flux has developed innovative approaches to multimedia storytelling. Today, the Flux staff is experimenting with community engagement. How can a magazine be less about transactions and more about authentic relationships? How do you use journalism as a way not just to tell stories but to forge bonds among communities?

Pay attention to what they come up with this year (and next). Most likely, you’ll get a glimpse at the future of magazines.

Flux Magazine




What Our Alumni Are Saying

“Flux is where I narrowed my focus to documentary, and, with the guidance of Michael Werner, was shown a great deal of information.” — Jake Swantko


Jake Swantko behind a camera
Jake Swantko

BA '11 (Electronic Media Production)
Flux Managing Editor, 2011
2018 Academy Award winner

Jake was director of photography and associate producer on “Icarus,” winner of the 2018 Oscar for best documentary feature.

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