GameDay's "Herbie" shares his UO love

Herbstreit faces the local media

Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN's College GameDay met with local reporters outside the network's temporary office in the UO's Johnson Hall on Friday, and had nothing but love for Eugene and the University of Oregon.

"I think we've been here maybe more than anyplace else in the past five years," Herbstreit said.

"I love this place. I love the weather. I love the team. I love Eugene, and like to go for a run down by the river."

The college football analyst briefly discussed the young and inexperienced offensive line of UCLA, the Ducks' opponent in Saturday's marquee game, and the Heisman Trophy prospects for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota ("All year, I've said he's the best player in college football.").

He also talked about the grind of working from a different location each weekend, and the blur of nameless restaurants and hotels as the GameDay team hop-scotches from site-to-site (Seattle to South Carolina to Eugene, in just the past three weeks).

"Hey, I'm talking about college football for a living," he said with a shrug.

- from the UO Office of Strategic Communications