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The GTFF have rejected a university effort to settle their labor dispute and have set a strike date of Dec. 2, the Tuesday of dead week.

Lillis said building the university's endowment should be one of the top goals and called on the Senate to help move the UO forward

On Nov. 19, campus law enforcement received its first report, from a UO professor, of someone claiming to be UOPD in an illicit effort to get funds

UO student-athletes and staff participated in a sustainability project on nearby Mount Pisgah

Student-athletes participate in tree planting effort

Earlier this month, several UO student-athletes and staff participated in a sustainability project on nearby Mount Pisgah

Louis Lake moose cow and two calves

UO maps are the heart of Wyoming conservation project

UO cartographers highlight the intersections of wilderness areas and the migration patterns of Wyoming's big game animals

Canvas by Instructure

Canvas selected as new learning management system

Overwhelmingly positive feedback from pilot testers has led to a decision to adopt a new learning management system, or LMS, on campus.

Dad's gate

Provost's office provides update on GTFF negotiations

Bronet communicated with campus about an updated offer to the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation regarding paid leave

Oregon women's cross country team won the 2014 Pac-12 Championships

Seven Ducks Named to Pac-12 All-Academic Team

Oregon had 19 men's and women's student-athletes earn Pac-12 All-Academic Team honors, including three first-team honorees

“Oppy Wood, 1917. Evening” John Nash (oil, 1918)

UO symposium will examine the literature of World War I

As part of the events for the 100th anniversary of World War I, scholars will discuss the works and legacy of the war's combatant-authors

Pat Ward preps a sabertooth salmon skull

Fossil finds yield a surprise about Oregon’s sabertooth salmon

Found in a quarry near Madras, the new specimen shows that the ferocious teeth of the ancient fish stuck out sideways from the jaw

UO grad student to study microbes in urban planning

With EPA fellowship, Gwynne Mhuireach will spend two years studying the health impacts of a lack of greenery in some Eugene neighborhoods

Comments sought on renovation plan for 150 Columbia

Plans call for a substantial upgrade to improve the education experience for students and professors in the venerable lecture hall

Katelyn Loper made 8-of-12 three-point attempts against Utah State

Weekly Sports Roundup

The weekly sports roundup is a list of all the home and televised Ducks sporting events this week and the results of their contests last week