Duck of the Week

Duck of the Week aims to tell the stories of our employees and their work in their own words.

Here we highlight those who have gone above and beyond – such as creating new ways to engage with students, or taking care of critical infrastructure on campus, or embracing technology to stay connected with colleagues.

Take a moment to suggest a coworker or two to be featured in an upcoming week. Nominations are open to faculty members, officers of administration, classified staff, graduate employees and student workers.

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The purpose of Duck of the Week is to help foster community among UO employees and share employee experiences by learning about different UO jobs and hearing from our colleagues’ point of view. Being included in the series is not intended to be an assessment or evaluation of on-the-job effectiveness or otherwise connected to a formal performance review.


Marlene Blum
September 7

Providing marketing services for student recruitment, retention

Duck of the Week: Marlene Blum is assistant director for strategic communications

Sean Sharp
August 16

Providing mentorship and assistance with technological expertise

Duck of the Week: Sean Sharp is the manager of user support services for north campus

Denita Strietelmeier
June 14

Reimagining new ways to do the work we’ve always done

Duck of the Week: Denita Strietelmeier is a project manager in Lundquist

Loring Hummel
June 7

Enabling continuity and innovation with software applications

Duck of the Week: Loring Hummel is the associate director of application services for IS

April Nero
June 1

Finding creative print solutions to make connections remotely

Duck of the Week: April Nero is the Printing Services Manager

Travis Worrell
May 24

Transforming livestream events for prospective students and families

Duck of the Week: Travis Worrell is a videographer for enrollment management

Kate Harvey
May 18

Supporting research, public health, community ties and employees

Duck of the Week: Kate Harvey is the HR and operations manager for prevention sciences

Eric Fullar
May 10

Keeping phone, voicemail, radio systems operating smoothly

Duck of the Week: Eric Fullar is the director of voice systems & data center operations

Sarah Strickler
May 3

Shaping experiences through class schedules and committee service

Duck of the Week: Sarah Strickler is the assistant registrar for operations

Katie Wolf
April 26

Working with students to strategize access to learning

Duck of the Week: Katie Wolf is a accommodations program manager