Beyond the Call

COVID-19 changed the workplace in ways few could have imaged, nearly overnight. Yet, University of Oregon employees rose to the complex challenge.

Here we highlight those who have gone above and beyond – such as creating new ways to engage with students, or taking care of critical infrastructure on campus, or embracing technology to stay connected with colleagues.

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Shaun Haskins is a business operations manager in the College of Design
September 8

Finding new ways of working in a remote environment

Shaun Haskins is a business operations manager in the College of Design

Michael Suskin, systems administrator for the Enterprise Device Management Group
September 1

Giving 110 percent to support virtual labs, computer infrastructure

Beyond the Call: Michael Suskin is a systems administrator for Information Services

Joel Youngblom, website developer in the Office of the Registrar
August 24

Maintaining website infrastructure and team connections

Beyond the Call: Joel Youngblom is a website developer for the Office of the Registrar

Shari Powell, associate director for Purchasing and Contracting Services
August 17

Finding the supplies to keep the university safe during COVID-19

Beyond the Call: Shari Powell is an associate director for Purchasing and Contracting Services

John Woelfe, left, and John Roper at the White Stag Block at UO Portland
August 7

Staying to take care of an empty, historic building at UO Portland

Beyond the Call: John Woelfe is the facility services manager at the UO Portland campus

Judith Raiskin (left) and Linda Long
August 4

Capturing and preserving history as it is being made

Beyond the Call: Linda Long is a curator of manuscripts for UO Libraries

Daniel Mundra is a senior developer in Information Services
July 27

Inspiring the teamwork behind adopting new technology

Beyond the Call: Daniel Mundra is a senior developer in Information Services

Micah Howe
July 21

Using virtual formats to help prospective students visit campus

Beyond the Call: Micah Howe is the assistant director for visit programs

Tom Hahn, career instructor of architecture
July 14

Turning design courses into robust online experiences

Beyond the Call: Tom Hahn is a career instructor of architecture

Joelle Rankins Goodwin
July 7

Pivoting to stay connected with prospective students

Joelle Rankins Goodwin is the senior associate director for recruitment administration