CSWS looking for student help on exhibitions

The Center for the Study of Women in Society seeks two qualified students to collaborate on the design and production of two exhibitions of archived materials relating to feminist research, activism and creative production at the University of Oregon.

The project, which is part of CSWS’s 40th anniversary celebration this fall, offers students an opportunity to extend, advance and further their skills in exhibition development.

Students will collaborate with CSWS to design displays for cases located in the EMU and Eugene Airport and assist with additional research as needed. They’ll help estimate production costs, locate appropriate production facilities on campus and produce displays using those facilities and then assist with the mounting of displays in the fall.

Student qualifications include:

  • Exhibition design and development knowledge/experience
  • Material and digital production skills, including appropriate software
  • Good communication and collaboration skills

Orientation meeting(s) for the project will take place during late Winter term, with the practicum (3-4 credits) to be completed during Spring term.

To apply, email your qualifications, two faculty references, and reason(s) for applying to Jenée Wilde, CSWS Development GTF (jenee@uoregon.edu). The deadline is Jan. 15.