Academics and Research

May 26
Jordan Rodriguez co-authors a study that uncovered biases in biodiversity data
May 24
UO research in neural development could improve treatment for at-risk infants
May 19
New apps could help sense the emotional state of users by tracking language patterns
May 18
The goal is developing STEM lesson plans for students from diverse backgrounds
May 17
A new study finds that support programs can offset the effects of poverty on children's brains
May 17
A blend of chemistry and business, the class looks at ways to cut carbon emissions
May 15
The awards are given to outstanding master’s and doctoral students in STEM fields
May 15
A program in the College of Education analyzed 7 years of data from Protect Our Children
May 12
Poster presentations, oral descriptions and performances are part of the event
May 10
Study findings could lead to new ways to promote children’s social development