Academics and Research

Thomas Giachetti getting ash samples
February 6

Earth science prof gets NSF award for work on volcanic ash

Thomas Giachetti studies volcanic ash to better predict where it will fall after an eruption
Zebrafish tanks
February 3

Zebrafish research helps reveal the origins of scoliosis

Two key proteins help keep the spine straight during development, a UO study shows
Daisy-O’lice Williams collage
February 1

Architecture prof uses what's old to make something new

Daisy-O’lice Williams explores the role of digital collage in the student design process
Trudy Ann Cameron and Raghuveer Parthasarathy
January 31

Professors of economics and physics named AAAS fellows

Trudy Ann Cameron and Raghuveer Parthasarathy are the latest UO recipients
Elementary school students
January 30

English learners will get a boost from College of Education grant

A $3 million federal grant will be used for an online training program for K-12 teachers
Finger touching flat screen
January 27

Even simple motions make ripples across the brain, study finds

A collaboration with OHSU is revealing the complexity of human neural networks
Marian Hettiaratchi
January 23

NSF grant will help probe the power of proteins from stem cells

Marian Hettiaratchi receives a sought-after $600,000 CAREER Award to pursue the idea
Teacher and students
January 18

New HEDCO Institute looks to strengthen K-12 connections

The group's first project will be for The Ballmer Institute for Children's Behavioral Health
Illustration of predjudice against homosexuality
January 16

Study: Personality traits could predict those prone to prejudice

Researchers are trying to find out why some people develop discriminatory ideologies
Carbon nanohoop
January 13

UO chemists cook up a brand-new kind of nanomaterial

The carbon nanohoops could be used to make new kinds of electronics or sensors