Academics and Research

September 20
It is the first NSF-funded center to research quakes like the anticipated 'Big One'
September 19
In the past year, the UO had 31 innovation disclosures and filed for 26 new patents
September 19
Major grants for earthquake and mass timber research were among the year's highlights
September 18
A study of footwear biomechanics looks at ways to prevent injuries, particularly in soccer
September 15
A new study helps explain the Earth’s last major extinction event, with lessons for today
September 8
UO geophysicist’s recent studies build on data collected from 2015 field expedition to the Greek island
September 7
Stephen Shoemaker challenges claims adopted by Muslims and non-Muslims alike
September 6
The UO is part of a study examining dinosaur extinctions to glimpse the Earth’s future
September 4
Meeting in Ecuador, the APRU works to solve sustainability issues facing communities
September 1
Commoditizing crime and exploiting stereotypes are just two of the ethical perils of the popular entertainment genre