School of Journalism and Communication

Journalism student Lauren Yang Brown is a social media "campus correspondent"
October 6

Student Fact Finder Has Her Ducks in a Row

Journalism student Lauren Yang Brown is a social media "campus correspondent"
Credit card and laptop
September 3

Consumer protection fund greenlights six research projects

Faculty members from several schools and colleges will take part in the studies
Man with tinfoil hat with laptop
August 25

Study: Disagreeable people more prone to conspiracy theories

A doctoral student connects 'Dark Tetrad' of personality traits and belief in conspiracies
Smoke column from the Bootleg Fire
August 18

Researchers seek new tools to better adapt to threat of wildfires

The work also looks at ways to mitigate fire disasters and be better prepared for the future
Faris Cassell and the Unanswered Letter
July 7

Faris Cassell and the Unanswered Letter

Journalism graduate Faris Cassell sleuths a 60-year-old mystery involving the Holocaust
Illustration with portraits of four UO experts
June 16

UO experts weigh in on the shape of a post-pandemic world

They say some things are going back to normal, but other changes may stick around
A group of Roseburg students circa 1959
June 11

How grade schoolers took on Eisenhower, Hoover and Russia

UO journalism students track down a Cold War story that roiled a Roseburg school
Prison cells
May 27

SOJC team brings awareness to harsh juvenile sentencing

'Public Plea' documentary follows several young Black men facing transfer to adult prison
Faculty members at whiteboard discussing story plan
May 18

Faculty members work to improve COVID-19 communication

Drawing from experts across campus, a team is helping craft clear messaging on the virus
Woman wearing VR headset
May 13

Virtual reality could help put the empathy back in pandemic life

Two new papers by SOJC faculty members highlight the benefits and limits of VR