Lundquist College of Business

Illustration of student savings plan and jars (credit: Sasha Heye, design, class of 2022)
July 7

Financial Wellness Center Teaches Dollars and Sense

From budgeting to credit cards to investing, a new financial wellness program is helping students manage money
Silhouette of businesspeople connected by lines
May 31

Study says a firm’s supply chain role affects lending, borrowing

Researchers examined supplier-customer relationships to better understand trade credit
Collage of research activities
May 10

The UO's inaugural Week of Research will kick off May 24

Five-day event highlights research, creativity and entrepreneurship across campus
Students in class
May 6

Gift will boost diversity in UO's education and business colleges

Jim and Andi Sandstrom pledged $250,000, divided equally among the two schools
Woman with skeptical look
April 22

Study shows how ‘theory of mind’ affects skepticism of ads

Marketing study ties level of skepticism to the ability of people to assess the intent of others
Aerial view of campus
March 30

UO education, law rated among nation’s best graduate programs

The 2022 rankings from U.S. News & World Report were released March 30
Woman selecting video on laptop
March 15

Applying movie rental to purchase can be profitable, study finds

Researchers take on consumer frustration and find such conversions can pencil out
A new Arcimoto vehicle getting final inspections
February 24

UO students reimagine transportation with Arcimoto

They are working with the electric vehicle manufacturer to launch a rental program
Super Bowl team logos
February 2

Research shows investors take stock of Super Bowl advertisers

Stock in companies that advertised during the game surged in areas with a team playing
Stone money discs on Yap Island
January 28

Researchers turn to stones to find the ancient origin of Bitcoin

Two professors find parallels between old rock discs and the new digital currency