Robert D. Clark Honors College

December 14
Raimy Khalife-Hamdan is now a finalist for the Marshall, Mitchell and Rhodes scholarships
October 5
Students at the Oregon Center for Electrochemistry research how energy is generated, stored, and transported
October 5
The 2011 Clark Honors College graduate and journalism major is making headlines for her company's work in racial healing
May 16
Jenna Travers will use the national scholarship to study at the UO's Glacier Lab
May 2
Alex Mentzel, a 2020 graduate, is pursing advanced studies in Great Britain
April 6
Alumnus Tom Bode and his dog set out in search of Nefertiti in Crabtree Valley
January 28
MNCH marks Darwin's birth month with exhibit on giant beavers that once roamed Oregon
January 27
Temerity Bauer hopes to encourage more Ducks like her to pursue science majors
November 9
The area was once a thriving Black neighborhood, until its residents were evicted
October 6
Nayeon Kim wants to reduce the prison terms of people of color and others victimized by excessive sentences and systemic racism