School of Law

May 12
The free legal assistance helps students make educated decisions on contract offers
May 3
The May 11 forum features views from philosophy, computer science and law school faculty members
April 24
Signage, building names and other details are part of an ongoing spring update
February 27
A seminar class gets hands-on learning experience, and deeper perspectives on history
February 16
The program awards up to $50,000 to promising University of Oregon research teams
February 6
Margot Canaday will deliver the annual Margaret Hallock Lecture on Feb. 16
January 30
Keith Knight is a well-known artist and writer whose work has appeared nationally
January 23
Danielle Conway, who was also law school dean at the University of Maine, will give the annual Derrick Bell Lecture
January 4
Every year, 30 participants work together to develop inclusive leadership skills
January 3
The grant will support eviction prevention mediation services in five regions of the state