School of Law

January 20
Having hiked thousands of miles over the years, law alumnus pens his experiences on the PCT
January 13
A national leader in the field of Indian law, Strickland spent 10 years at the UO
January 12
Law professor Liz Tippett says most workers in the U.S. can be fired for any reason, or none
January 11
Mary Morrison of Kenya hopes to pursue a career in environmental law
January 8
Kathleen Jamieson co-founded and is a professor at UPenn
January 4
The forum will bring constituencies together to probe clean energy's future in Oregon
December 10
Suzanne Daigle, Taylor Jones and Bryan Williamson work the Western District office
December 4
From rebel nurses to dancing cops, the social media platform tests employer rules
December 1
Ellen Herman and co-authors wrote about the history of U.S. child welfare programs
November 25
Robin Morris Collin says reparations in some form are needed to effect change