Graduate Studies

February 16
The program awards up to $50,000 to promising University of Oregon research teams
February 6
UO campus is invited to view presentations spanning the humanities and sciences
January 13
The carbon nanohoops could be used to make new kinds of electronics or sensors
November 2
The approach turns years of work into days, making new kinds of genetic tests possible
October 19
A protein triggers insulin-producing cells to reproduce, pointing to a possible treatment
October 7
Two studies in mice give new insights into how animals navigate the world beyond the lab
July 18
Approximately $2 million has been designated for ongoing initiatives.
July 13
They trekked into the Oregon Cascades to test a portable tool to measure glacial melt
July 11
In pursuit of teaching, a doctoral student in comparative literature finds an academic home
May 31
The open-source device is an affordable alternative to a pricey piece of medical tech