College of Arts and Sciences

Illustration of chromosomes
December 5

Study: DNA repair declines with age, which can limit fertility

New UO research finds one reason why eggs begin to lose their viability with age
Peter DeFazio
December 2

UO grad DeFazio stepping down after 36 years in Congress

He shaped American transportation policy as chair of a powerful House committee
Dancers in the Fall Dance Loft
December 1

Get in the spirit of the season with campus art, music events

December features a range of performances to warm the wintry evenings
A siphonophore, a jellyfish relative
November 30

Squishy critters are inspiring underwater vehicle design

Multijet propulsion lets the animals switch between speed and efficiency, study shows
Fossil monkey skull
November 18

Researchers use monkey teeth to hone dates of hominin fossils

A new method puts better dates on the fossils of human ancestors found in South Africa
Campus laboratory
November 14

Another year, another jump in the UO's research funding

The university continued its multiyear streak of increased grant funding in 2021-22
Image of the optical lobe of an octopus
November 9

UO neuroscientists look deep into the eyes of the octopus

The animal's sophisticated visual system could offer clues to brain evolution
RNA strand
November 7

UO chemist gets grant to study more RNA strands at once

Partnering with a biotech firm will let Julia Widom better study how the molecules change
Outstanding department head recipients
November 4

New award recognizes outstanding department heads

Mark Unno and Gretchen Soderlund are the first recipients of the new, annual award
Pronghorn antelope
November 4

InfoGraphics Lab explores the science of ungulate migration

The analysis is part of an effort to conserve migratory species and their travel corridors