College of Arts and Sciences

January 21

Allies in the Woods

Steven Beda's study of timber conflict reveals loggers and environmentalists shared common ground
January 21

Weird Sports

Photographer and SOJC alumnus Sol Neelman shoots athletics both beautiful and bizarre
January 21

Path to Peace

UO students travel to former Yugoslavia to study a war-scarred region and reconciliation
January 21

Gamer, On and Off the Field

World of Warcraft wizard and former Duck footballer Stephen Gillett cites lessons learned in leadership and the tech industry
Ellie Bartlett, 2017
January 21

Snow Angel

An upcoming ski day celebrates and remembers a champion for people with disabilities
Three members of the 1897 climbing expedition on their way to the summit of Mount Rainier
January 21

A Sacrifice for Science

Edgar McClure was a leader on campus in Eugene and on research expeditions
Dark matter illlustration
January 17

UO physicist to shine a light on dark matter at pub talk

Tien-Tien Yu is taking a new approach in the search for the universe's elusive dark matter
UO entrance sign
January 14

National search to launch for research and innovation leader

Provost Patrick Phillips has selected a UO search committee, chaired by Darren Johnson
Particle collision simulation
January 14

UO physicist anticipates big step in quest for next-gen collider

Jim Brau says good signs emerged during an international conference he helped organize
Painting of a Viking feast
January 13

Meet the medieval studies grad who loves a good joust

James Anderson has been wearing chain mail and carrying a broadsword since high school