College of Arts and Sciences

March 20
Colin Koopman looks at how real lives are being overtaken by their digital lives
March 20
After earning a master's, Iryna Stavynska says home 'just seems like the right place to be'
March 15
Board members also approved three new degree programs in a full agenda of action
March 14
Watch doctoral graduate Checkers Marshall as she explains chemistry through movement
March 13
The prestigious grants support faculty members with potential to be academic role models
March 8
A new grant could reveal when native plants began to be used for basketry and other uses
February 25
Tien-Tien Yu joins an advisory group to recommend the next decade of physics investment
February 24
Researcher Britt Wray of Stanford will give the Kritikos Lecture Wednesday, March 8
February 24
'The Best of Enemies' will have six showings at the Hope Theatre in March
February 24
Concerts at Beall Hall and other spots highlight the monthly entertainment calendar