College of Arts and Sciences

River seen from above
June 9

Oregon water report shows stress on communities of color

It shows that access to clean, drinkable water across Oregon is becoming unreliable
Campus sculpture 'Luna'
June 4

Presidential fellowships honor faculty in the arts and humanities

Both the 2020 and 2021 fellows are being celebrated for their academic and creative work
Climate change protest
June 2

Climate skeptics are not easily persuaded, UO study shows

Quantitative modeling predicts strong skeptics are unlikely to change their beliefs
Friendly Hall
June 1

New School of Global Studies and Languages is approved

A new innovation in the College of Arts and Sciences combines departments, programs
Anime scene from Studio Ghibli
May 28

Summer beckons, and so does the campus arts scene

Much is still virtual, but there's plenty of film, theater and music to find online
Temerity Bauer and Eloise Navarro
May 25

In a first, two UO students earn prestigious Udall scholarships

The recipients are Temerity Bauer, a rare double winner, and Eloise Navarro
Ty Burrell
May 24

Ty Burrell, actor and Duck fan, is this year’s graduation speaker

Burrell, who attended the UO in the late ‘80s, is best known for his role in TV's 'Modern Family'
Neural stem cell and its progeny
May 24

UO imaging project finds the machinery behind brain cells

New study suggests neural stem cells in fruit flies operate like machinery on a factory floor
Nicole Wales
May 21

Tenacity gives physics student the fire to melt the glass ceiling

Nicole Wales, a chemistry and physics major, overcame huge obstacles to pursue a degree
Woman holding medicinal plant
May 20

Project helps preserve the history of Caribbean women healers

The project focuses on elders in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico