College of Arts and Sciences

Bullets and crayons
June 13

People are not powerless in the face of gun violence, prof says

Paul Slovic says people need to remember they have the power to make a difference
The lava lake at the Kilauea volcano
June 6

The weird musical dynamics of a lava lake on Kilauea volcano

UO research gives new insight into the lava pool and underlying magma chamber
Emily Simnitt
June 3

UO faculty member named to seat on state higher ed board

Emily Simnitt will serve a term on the Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Ventilator prototype
May 31

Breathing easy: Grad student helps build a low-cost ventilator

The open-source device is an affordable alternative to a pricey piece of medical tech
Spring Dance Loft
May 27

It's a June swoon of arts and entertainment events at the UO

The month features new and returned museum exhibits, music, dance and more
Computer image using artifical intelligence
May 25

UO data ethicist cautions against overreliance on algorithms

Relying on automated tools can be harmful, even if they get it right, UO prof argues
CAHOOTS response van
May 24

UO grad student's CAHOOTS study is one of 12 funded by NSF

Graduate researchers across campus earned the prized grants to advance their work
A detector in the Large Hadron Collider
May 24

UO physicist gets rare staff position at CERN atom smasher

UO professor Tim Cohen is moving to Switzerland in July to begin a six-year term
May 24

Zebrafish biologist elected to National Academy of Sciences

Charles Kimmel is recognized for contributions to developmental and vertebrate biology
The climbing wall at the Student Recreation Center
May 20

A physicist's love of climbing leads to a new kind of class

Graham Kribs teaches students the science behind the gear and technique for climbers