Academics and Research

Empty city street
May 27

UO researchers examine how COVID-19 is affecting cities

Researchers at the Urbanism Next Center are trying to get ahead of potential changes
Crowd of protestors with signs supporting law enforcement
May 27

A UO geographer looks back on the Malheur occupation

Peter Walker spent many weeks in Eastern Oregon as the drama unfolded
The Mauna Kea volcano
May 27

Study ties magma changes to quakes below quiet volcanoes

UO’s Amanda Thomas and colleagues make the discovery from data at Mauna Kea
Colobus monkeys
May 26

Sacred monkeys in Ghana aid research on the gut microbiome

A sacred monkey in Ghana helps a UO grad student understand the gut microbiome
Professor Kim Sheehan
May 25

How should companies communicate during COVID-19?

SOJC students and faculty examine corporate messages involving the pandemic
Instructor Ashley Baker with wig
May 22

Theater arts instructors find innovative ways to engage students

Moving classes like makeup and lighting into remote learning presented challenges
Student with headset in online class
May 21

UO's Accessible Education Center paves the way for students

With the pandemic, accommodating all Ducks is more important than ever
Sifting soil at a road project site
May 21

UO archaeologists help keep state road projects moving

MNCH researchers are on site to ensure that historical artifacts are protected
Lab worker preparing samples
May 20

UO, OHSU to study new coronavirus in a hospital setting

The effort could inform environmental monitoring in hospitals and clinics nationwide
Magnified view of a copepod
May 19

A tiny crustacean’s speedy propeller is caught on video

UO marine biologists see how copepods use bursts of speed to escape predators