Academics and Research

Project Shell logo with sea turtle
June 22

Virtual reality gives humans a turtle's-eye view of wildlife

Putting humans into the body of a sea turtle influenced attitudes on environmental issues
Sun through leaves in trees
June 21

I3 seed funding goes to climate and language projects

Two research teams representing three academic departments received awards
Researchers at UO climate chamber
June 17

Lessons: What we've learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

Research done at the UO points to better strategies for managing future epidemics
Donald Trump and reporters
June 14

Four ways the news media have changed since Trump

SOJC professor Seth Lewis and co-authors ask whether journalism has lost its relevance
Students around a table
June 13

NEH grant helps fund new global public humanities curriculum

Undergraduate program aims to improve cultural knowledge and communication
Bullets and crayons
June 13

People are not powerless in the face of gun violence, prof says

Paul Slovic says people need to remember they have the power to make a difference
Group of happy students
June 8

Project demonstrates student mental health support system

A grant will help design a system of assessment and intervention in high schools
The lava lake at the Kilauea volcano
June 6

The weird musical dynamics of a lava lake on Kilauea volcano

UO research gives new insight into the lava pool and underlying magma chamber
Gap store
June 1

Study finds worker-friendly scheduling boosts bottom line

It suggests retailers may not need to choose between profits and employee well-being
Ventilator prototype
May 31

Breathing easy: Grad student helps build a low-cost ventilator

The open-source device is an affordable alternative to a pricey piece of medical tech