Academics and Research

Neural stem cell and its progeny
May 24

UO imaging project finds the machinery behind brain cells

New study suggests neural stem cells in fruit flies operate like machinery on a factory floor
Woman holding medicinal plant
May 20

Project helps preserve the history of Caribbean women healers

The project focuses on elders in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
School kids wearing masks
May 19

College of Education faculty offer tips on returning to K-12 classes

Have patience and realize students are coming back with a range of experiences, they say
Faculty members at whiteboard discussing story plan
May 18

Faculty members work to improve COVID-19 communication

Drawing from experts across campus, a team is helping craft clear messaging on the virus
Brendan Bohannan with child
May 18

Study looks at how the human microbiome varies with location

Work by a UO team shows home environment is a strong predictor of microbe similarity
Lauren Hallett and Lei Jiao
May 17

Two UO researchers earn prestigious NSF Career Awards

Plant community ecologist Lauren Hallett and computer scientist Lei Jiao are chosen
Lab technician processing saliva sample
May 17

UO’s COVID-19 testing program begins offering saliva tests

The new method is cheaper and can be processed at higher volumes than nasal tests
Woman wearing VR headset
May 13

Virtual reality could help put the empathy back in pandemic life

Two new papers by SOJC faculty members highlight the benefits and limits of VR
Angkor Wat temple
May 12

UO archaeologist helps nail the population of ancient Angkor

Machine learning at the UO sifts out where people lived in the medieval Cambodian city
Illustration of saber-tooth cat guarding a kill
May 11

UO graduates identify a new species of saber-toothed giant

The fearsome predator lived in North America more than 5 million years ago