Academics and Research

January 16
Researchers are trying to find out why some people develop discriminatory ideologies
January 13
The carbon nanohoops could be used to make new kinds of electronics or sensors
January 9
Research suggests adaptations in divers help reduce strain of low-oxygen environments
January 4
His novel is getting critical notice while inspiring his creative writing students
January 3
The grant will support eviction prevention mediation services in five regions of the state
January 3
Mea Songco-Casey is a doctoral student in the UO's Institute of Neuroscience
January 2
The technique could be particularly useful in remote parts of Eastern Oregon
December 22
The programs are helping deal with the rising number of wildfires due to climate change
December 12
Six teams developed advertising campaigns to boost fundraising, increase awareness
December 9
Chris Hendon heads a three-institution project to set formal guidelines for brewing the drink