Academics and Research

2022 AAAS fellows
January 28

Four UO faculty members are named fellows of the AAAS

Their research focuses on microbes, coastal archaeology, sulfur and anthropology
Modern and prehistoric beaver skulls
January 28

Rodents of unusual size are found in Oregon’s fossil record

MNCH marks Darwin's birth month with exhibit on giant beavers that once roamed Oregon
Trygve Faste in studio
January 28

Forget the lightbulb. Prof says good design is all about iteration

Trygve Faste helps students understand that small steps pave the path to better products
Special education student at home
January 26

COVID-19 challenges hit special ed teachers especially hard

The stress of helping vulnerable and disabled students via remote learning has taken a toll
Elephants in Sri Lanka
January 24

UO alum, grad student working to save elephants in Sri Lanka

They hope to create an environment where humans and the largest land mammal coexist
Doctor using tablet
January 23

UO startup is purchased by health care software company

Phreesia has acquired Insignia Health, launched by a team led by the UO's Judith Hibbard
Illustration of ciliated cells
January 18

Physics of cilia explain sperm’s successful swimming

Fluid flowing over the hairs helps them align in the same direction and propel sperm upwards
illustration of person in lotus yoga pose
January 13

UO experts offer mental health tips for 2022 wellness

Creativity, goal-setting, hugs are a few ideas from College of Education faculty, students
Grad student Checkers Marshall working in the Brozek lab
January 12

New nanocrystals put a tiny twist on useful materials

The nanoparticles could be used as surface coatings for filters or storing electric charge
Paul Slovic
January 11

Paul Slovic wins Bower Award for Achievement in Science

UO psychologist joins ranks of notable awardees including Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla