Academics and Research

Layers of deposited sands indicating ancient tidal action
December 21

UO research team solves an ancient Colorado River mystery

Separate papers led by UO grad students document a previous vast marine tidal basin
Prague, Czech Republic
December 17

Gilman scholars navigate study abroad in a COVID-19 world

Nine UO students earned the award, though most will postpone their international trips
Mark Blaine filming a documentary scene
December 16

New center bridges the gap between science and the public

The SOJC’s Center for Science Communication Research aims to ease the comprehension of complex science
Wildfire evacuation center
December 15

Protests, fires become training ground for new photojournalists

SOJC students were determined to document what was happening around the state
Ride-hail customer
December 15

Study takes a closer look at ride-hailing and carbon emissions

Results show the sector accounts for more greenhouse gases than previously thought
Police tape
December 14

Study finds largely Black cities are over- or under-policed

Analysis led by Benjamin Hansen focused on race-specific effects of police expansion
Tien-Tien Yu (left) and Scott Hansen
December 11

Two faculty members earn sought-after NSF Career Awards

Physicist Tien-Tien Yu and biochemist Scott Hansen will receive five-year grants
Romanesco broccoli exhibits natural fractal pattern
December 11

Study finds that by age 3 kids prefer nature's fractal patterns

A preference for natural patterns may develop early rather than by long-term exposure
Lab researcher
December 10

Research awards hit record high of $152 million in 2019-20

UO scholars and researchers brought in 437 competitive awards in fiscal year 2020
Knight Campus interior
December 9

Tour reveals the scientific, human elements of the Knight Campus

Take a virtual walk through the research, study and work spaces of the new building