Academics and Research

Illustration of marbles representing molecules
April 19

New research project challenges Einstein’s model of diffusion

UO physicist Eric Corwin and his brother partner on a 3-year, $1 million foundation grant
Water drop creating ripples
April 15

UO physicists map new route to control sound in thin films

Models show materials could be designed to stop and even reverse sound waves
Microscopic image of fruit fly brain
April 14

UO discovery could one day help rejuvenate the adult brain

Postdoc Sarah Ackerman's work using fruit flies points to possible applications in humans
Kara Clevinger on a computer screen
April 13

English prof reflects on remote teaching and Wawa pretzels

Kara Clevinger guided peers through a redesign of classes — and admits a fondness for snacks
Lava rock in Central Oregon
April 12

I3 seed funding program awards grants to four research teams

The grants are prioritized for projects likely to secure future external funding
Donnalyn Pompper, Leilani Sabzalian and Raghuveer Parthasarathy
April 12

Williams Fellowships awarded to three UO faculty members

Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Donnalyn Pompper and Leilani Sabzalian are honored
Bumblebee on sunflower
April 12

Study unlocks how wild bees can survive habitat pressures

Biologist finds that flexibility helps species adjust to farming, climate in California's Central Valley
Scene from the film Nomadland
April 9

UO cinema studies department hosts Academy Award nominee

Producer Mollye Asher and director Chloé Zhao collaborated on the film 'Nomadland'
Pregnant woman in doctor's office
April 8

New study probes the effects of opioid use during pregnancy

Adrianne Huxtable is examining how the drugs affect developing infants and their breathing
View through windshield of smart car
April 5

Older people may struggle as transportation shifts, study finds

Urbanism Next teams up with AARP and Rand Corp. to assess urban transportation