Academics and Research

Illustration depicts a simulation of the Higgs boson
July 31

UO physicist receives a five-year DOE early career award

Laura Jeanty is a member of the UO’s high-energy physics group at CERN’s ATLAS detector
SOJC professor Troy Elias (right) and graduate student Dani Clarke
July 30

People of color support climate action, but few get credit for it

SOJC research finds environmental groups and media neglect those most affected by global warming
Interviewing a mother in the dual language lab
July 29

COE research helps bilingual children find classroom success

Their work is finding new and better ways to support kids who are still learning English
Professor Amy Lobben (middle), with geography alumna Josie Imrie (left) and geography major Arielle Alferez
July 26

Spatial data science: Geography program maps a course

Ducks trained in the growing field are landing exciting jobs and serving humanitarian ends
Researchers in front of Alaska’s LeConte Glacier
July 24

New data from UO-led study may change glacial melt predictions

Discovery at the LeConte Glacier in Alaska could apply worldwide and lead to better projections of climate-driven sea level rise
Illuminated initial from Medieval manuscript of Florus' Epitome of Roman History
July 24

New grant will fund complete catalog records for rare books

For the first time in decades, scholars and students will have full access to the material
New York cityscape
July 19

College of Design seeks proposals for Oregon Places Prize

The prize will support ambitious public scholarship on urban equity and environmental justice
Students working on biology project
July 16

University Life 101 is part of the UO's summer pipeline programs

Oregon Young Scholars inspires underrepresented youths to see that a college degree is possible
Illustration of what the bear-like creature may have looked like
July 16

UO team says Oregon fossil came from a bear-sized meat-eater

Dental exams sparked by an undergraduate's curiosity help put a new creature into PNW history
Undergraduate summer research fellows
July 15

Undergraduate students immersed in summer of research

Awards from three programs allow 22 UO students to dig into labs and libraries