Academics and Research

December 7
The Papé family gives $5 million for a new center to foster biotech startups
December 5
New UO research finds one reason why eggs begin to lose their viability with age
November 30
Multijet propulsion lets the animals switch between speed and efficiency, study shows
November 29
A UO researcher will test small-group learning to reduce anxiety and boost peer relations
November 21
UO’s Oregon Hazards Lab is expanding the state's network of fire detection cameras
November 18
A new method puts better dates on the fossils of human ancestors found in South Africa
November 16
Danny Pimentel works at the intersection of media psychology and human-computer interaction
November 14
The university continued its multiyear streak of increased grant funding in 2021-22
November 9
The animal's sophisticated visual system could offer clues to brain evolution
November 7
Partnering with a biotech firm will let Julia Widom better study how the molecules change