Academics and Research

Empty store shelves in North Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 5

Supply chain woes have precedent, UO economist says

UO prof Keaton Miller weighs in on why the supply chain is jammed, and what it’ll take to clear it up
Students outside of the College of Education's policy and leadership offices
January 3

UO launches master’s in Education Policy and Leadership

The state’s first such program prepares students to shape policy at a high level
Image of a fork in a highway with directional signs
January 3

Researchers predict rat behaviors from brain activity

The finding helps explain how brains link small actions into larger sequences
Bike-riding couple on UO campus
December 29

UO experts offer some New Year's climate-change resolutions

From hopping on a bike to instilling hope in young people, try these everyday steps
Student Academic Services team members
December 28

College of Education advisers launch podcast for students

'Look No Feather' offers students a new way to connect with faculty and staff at the UO
Graphic showing Oregon and Oklahoma university logos and a rockfish
December 27

Alamo Bowl opponents attempt a field goal for science

Anthropologists are studying how Native people caught rockfish in sustainable ways
Sokolowski working with product design students on adaptive sports apparel projects.
December 15

Inclusive sportswear designer joins academy of inventors

Professor Susan Sokolowski holds 106 patents and joins a class of 164 fellows
Protesters for parole reform
December 15

UO law prof on quest to root out injustices in parole decisions

Kristen Bell uses data science to identify discrepancies in prisoner releases
SOJC student shoots footage on the Sheridan glacier in Alaska
December 14

SOJC documentary program connects students to filmmakers

Professional guidance from masters of the craft is a cornerstone of the classes
A detector in the Large Hadron Collider
December 13

Physics group gets funding to keep probing the unknown

Dark energy and mysteries of the universe are driving the Particle Theory Group