Academics and Research

Commencement scene
July 4

UO's first data science grads ready to crunch some numbers

The program launched in fall 2020 as part of the Presidential Initiative in Data Science
Fuller Initiative Land Lab on the south bank of the Willamette
July 1

UO riverbank is now an outdoor lab for all the world to see

A landscape architecture professor is using a riverside meadow as a testing ground
Illustration of a ship passing an iceberg
June 29

Climate change may be culprit in Antarctic fish disease outbreak

The new research is accompanied by a graphic novel that helps illustrate the findings
Leafy sea dragon
June 27

Sea dragons’ genes give clues to their distinctive looks

The bizarre-looking fish are missing key genes that guide development, study shows
Abortion protesters
June 24

Roe decision sets off massive, but uneven, effects, experts say

Some states, such as Oregon, might see few immediate changes, but other issues loom
Bedroom windows open at night
June 24

To beat the summer heat, passive cooling really works

UO research shows how much opening windows and using blinds can cool homes
Project Shell logo with sea turtle
June 22

Virtual reality gives humans a turtle's-eye view of wildlife

Putting humans into the body of a sea turtle influenced attitudes on environmental issues
Sun through leaves in trees
June 21

I3 seed funding goes to climate and language projects

Two research teams representing three academic departments received awards
Researchers at UO climate chamber
June 17

Lessons: What we've learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

Research done at the UO points to better strategies for managing future epidemics
Donald Trump and reporters
June 14

Four ways the news media have changed since Trump

SOJC professor Seth Lewis and co-authors ask whether journalism has lost its relevance