Academics and Research

Cambodian mother with infant
August 11

Providing vitamins to SE Asian women can boost infant health

UO psychologists find providing thiamine to mothers helps infants’ cognitive development
Woman who just got vaccine
August 9

Closing the vaccination gap will take new methods, study finds

Using incentives and more trusted messengers could help win over some doubters
US and EU flags
August 6

New grant will help UO prof study American, European economies

Craig Parsons wants to improve understanding of large single-market systems
Human eye
August 4

Knight researchers develop new gene therapy for eye disease

The work could help treat a genetic problem affecting about 1 in 2,000 people globally
Friendly Hall
August 2

Two programs become part of the new global studies school

The Northwest Indian Languages Institute and Yamada Language Center will move
Students in France
August 2

New global studies school will offer a world of opportunity

Part of the College of Arts and Sciences, it will feature 13 academic programs
Simone Biles at Tokyo Games
July 29

UO experts: Olympian’s exit spotlights pressure on athletes

Fans can feel invested in their favorite athletes while missing their humanity, they say
Extinguished cigarette
July 28

Study will examine whether 'zooming out' helps smokers quit

High-level thinking may help smokers get past the immediate craving for a cigarette
Jeanne McLaughlin in the field
July 27

UO scientist aids in ID of child in the state's oldest cold case

Forensic anthropologist Jeanne McLaughlin helped identify a toddler found dead in 1963
Gabriel Luna-Arvizu and Dan Grimes
July 22

Doctoral student is awarded a prominent HHMI fellowship

Third-year doctoral candidate Gabriel Luna-Arvizu was awarded a Gilliam Fellowship