DuckWeb upgrade begins with direct deposit module

Illustration of electronic devices

Students, staff and faculty members will see the new design when viewing personal information or setting up or changing direct deposit. When navigating to those functions in DuckWeb, people will be prompted to log in with their Duck ID and password.

Step-by-step directions for using the redesigned direct deposit module will be posted on the direct deposit page of the Business Affairs Office website.

These first revamped modules will show the new look and feel that will ultimately become common throughout DuckWeb. Information Services will continue upgrading portions of the system over the next 12 months, working in close conjunction with the Business Affairs Office, Office of the Registrar, Office of Human Resources, payroll and other units.

Other changes will include new dashboards for students and employees, enhanced security, and improved compatibility with smartphones.

During the upgrade process, DuckWeb will act like a flagger in a road construction zone, automatically directing users to the right module to use while the site is under construction. The prompt to log in with a Duck ID and password will occur whenever users reach an upgraded module.

Students and employees use DuckWeb for a broad range of functions, including registering for classes, assigning grades and paying bills. The university began using DuckWeb in 1999.

Anyone with questions can submit a ticket through the Banner support page in the UO Service Portal.