Nad of Nadide

By Wagih Abu-Rish, MA '68 (journalism)

Circumstances and his mother made it impossible for Palestinian Fareed to stay attached to his lover, Lebanese Dania. She was an arrogant and a repeat physical and mental abuser of those less fortunate and economically vulnerable. Within months of his painful separation, he got spurned and provoked by a new challenger, Nad (Nadide’) of Turkey. She was nothing less than the opposite of Dania, but with one serious character flaw. She reacted in a knee-jerk and self-righteous way to the least suspicion of betrayal. To top this, she was the daughter of a mean, right-wing and Islamist senior general, who was a member of the Turkish junta. He harbored tribal and ultra-nationalist views, including those pertaining to love and marriage.

Kirkland Publishing House, 2022