New approach to Clark Honors College shared with faculty

Chapman Hall, home of the Clark Honors College

Faculty members in the Clark Honors College recently met with Karen Ford, the college’s interim dean, and Jayanth Banavar, UO provost and senior vice president, to learn about a new vision for the structure of the college.

They provided more specific information in a follow-up memo to faculty members. Banavar and Ford said the new approach will enhance the student experience and support the overarching goal of making the college more competitive in attracting the strongest students while staying true to its shared values.

The honors college, ranked in the top 10 nationally, is known for its small, rigorous classes, quality advising, high academic standards, close-knit academic community and dedication to student success.

“As was announced last week, President (Michael) Schill intends to recommend to the Board of Trustees a significant reduction in the CHC’s differential tuition,” the memo noted. “If approved, this reduction will make us more competitive with our peers from a pricing standpoint. It is now time for us to become more nimble and able to offer a greater diversity of options to our current and prospective students. This will make us even more competitive in the overall academic experience.”

Discussions surrounding potential approaches have been underway for some time.

“As you know, for many months we have been discussing how best to serve our students,” the memo read. “There have been lively conversations, feedback opportunities, data analyses, and thoughtful deliberations as we look to create an environment where our shared values can be of the greatest benefit to the student experience.”

According to the memo, work will begin soon to finalize details.

“We recognize there are many questions, and there remain many details to work out. Your patience is very much appreciated through this process,” the memo read.

The full text of the message is available on the provost’s website.