New board secretary to join university beginning July 7

Many significant milestones have been passed along the road to creation of the new board of trustees for the University of Oregon. The latest comes with the introduction of Angela Wilhelms as the new secretary of the university.

Wilhelms brings to her new role more than 12 years of experience in public affairs. Having earned both an MBA and a law degree from Willamette University, she most recently has been with the law firm Dunn Carney of Portland, focusing on client advocacy in policy and regulatory matters at the local, state and federal levels.

Now, Wilhelms is bringing that experience ‒ along with past work in the Oregon Legislature, Washington, D.C., and as an independent consultant ‒ to the UO beginning July 7.

“Ms. Wilhelms brings a depth of experience in legal, policy, governance and communication issues to the position,” UO President Michael Gottfredson and UO Board of Trustees Chairman Chuck Lillis wrote in a memo to the campus community introducing Wilhelms. “As Secretary of the University she will work closely with the board to support its work to govern the University of Oregon, and will work with the Office of the President to advance the collective goals to serve the students and the state of Oregon as a high quality public research university.”

“Having worked in the legislature where the idea of an independent governing board for the University of Oregon has been discussed for years, it’s exciting to be a part of bringing it together,” said Wilhelms. “It is critical that we do things right, not only for the precedent, but because it sets the stage for how independent governance of the university will work across the state for decades to come.”

With a background in public relations, finance, entrepreneurial activities, strategic planning, logistics and policy development, Wilhelms is quick to point to the way this role represents a great match between her skill set and the core responsibilities.

“It’s rare to find a role that brings together all these different elements into one position,” Wilhelms said. “It’s a unique opportunity at an incredible moment in time for this university. Being a part of it is invigorating.”

By Tobin J. Klinger