Robin Holmes authors guest editorial on the UO’s sexual assault response

Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes
Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes

UO Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes wrote a guest editorial for today’s Register-Guard that outlines how the university handles sexual assault allegations.

Staff from the Division of Student Life at the UO work around the clock to provide assistance for those who have experienced sexual violence. Holmes notes that, in addition to providing support, the university also thoroughly investigates all cases involving students that are accused of sexual assault.

The university must follow federal student privacy laws when involved in these actions and many times can not disclose information about students who are involved. The UO also takes the wishes of the survivor into account when determining how to proceed.

Holmes also details the ways the university is responding to areas of concern raised recently by U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill in a report on sexual violence on campus, including encouraging students to report sexual assault through the website or the 541-346-SAFE hotline, training employees as required reporters for sexual harassment and misconduct and teaching incoming students about alcohol education and sexual assault prevention.

Holmes takes issue with the way the Register-Guard characterized the university’s response to sexual violence allegations in a recent editorial.

To read the entire guest editorial, visit “UO responds to assaults quickly, consistently.”

—By Melissa Foley, Public Affairs Communications