Starbucks, first new vendor at renovated Fishbowl, opens its doors

A new Starbucks is set to open in the EMU, where renovation work continues

The twin-tailed siren that we all know and many of us love is making her way into the newly renovated Fishbowl at the Erb Memorial Union: A long-awaited Starbucks will open on Monday, Sept. 21, amid the ongoing construction of the rest of the EMU.

“(The Fishbowl) has been a food service and dining space since its inception as a soda fountain bar and cafeteria,” said Dan Geiger, the project coordinator for the EMU renovation and expansion project. “We’re really excited to open Starbucks — they’ll be our first new vendor — and it’s going to be great to finally have caffeine back in the building.”

The latest renovation of the Fishbowl includes a restoration of the original ceiling, improved lighting, furniture and a terrazzo floor, in addition to a renovated terrace on the other side of the Fishbowl’s iconic rounded window. The terrace area will now feature a new canopy, outdoor lighting and upgraded tables.

“People love the Fishbowl; it’s the scene of the famous food fight in the movie ‘Animal House’ and it serves as a place for people to gather after major events,” Geiger said. “It’s a lantern on campus.”

Joining Starbucks in the traditional Fishbowl area is Chipotle Mexican Grill, scheduled to open later in the fall. By the end of fall term, Joe’s Burgers, Subway and Panda Express will be dishing out their delicious food on the main level as well, with Panda Express likely to be the second vendor to open after Starbucks.

With construction around the area starting to clear up in the coming weeks, the Fishbowl will host the annual Flock Party student welcome event on Sept. 25. On Nov. 6, when most or all of the other main-level vendors will be up and running, another party will take place at the EMU in advance of the homecoming football game against the University of California, Berkeley.

On the lower level, local favorites Falling Sky Brewing and Townshend’s Tea will open their doors alongside a grab ‘n’ go style food market built by UO Housing. The lower level vendors are slated to open in conjunction with the completion of the entire EMU renovation and expansion project in mid-2016.

— By Nathaniel Brown, Public Affairs Communications