Student transition to UOmail completed ahead of schedule

The University of Oregon quietly marked a milestone on June 30: The last students using Webmail were switched to the newer UOmail system.

With that transition complete, all UO employees and students now use the same email system.

"This is an important realization of our efforts to provide technology that benefits and supports the campus community," said Abhijit Pandit, chief information officer. "We're delighted to have all active UO students and employees on our robust, feature-rich UOmail system."

As announced in 2018, moving all students, staff and faculty members to UOmail creates a consistent user experience throughout the university, provides feature enhancements, facilitates collaboration and improves information security and operating efficiency.

About 13,000 students switched to UOmail in the first half of 2022, either by opting in or through transitions scheduled by Information Services. About 10,000 other students were already using UOmail.

That brings the total number of current and past UOmail users to more than 40,000.

"We were pleased to finish the student transition sooner than expected, even after offering a summer deferment option to support graduating students," said Melody Riley, associate chief information officer for enterprise solutions. "Things seem to have gone smoothly. But if any students still need help, we encourage them to contact the Tech Desk."

One step that some students may still need to complete is moving their old email messages to UOmail. To keep those messages, which is optional, students must move them out of Webmail within 180 days of their respective transition dates, before losing access to Webmail.

Retirees are now the largest group remaining on the Webmail system. About 700 departmental role accounts also remain on the older system. Information Services aims to move those accounts to UOmail by the end of 2023.

The Information Services website provides more information about the email consolidation project.

Anyone seeking help with UOmail is encouraged to submit a ticket through the email and calendar help webpage in the UO Service Portal, or contact the Technology Service Desk or the IT staff who support their unit.

—By Nancy Novitski, University Communications