Students work to Reset the Code in new campus campaign

Reset the Code logo, a circular arrow around the number 95

The symbol appeared with no explanation over the course of the first week of winter term — a sticker on the sidewalk, a pin, a t-shirt. The number “95” encircled with an arrow.

On Sunday, a few hours before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the meaning was revealed: The symbol represents the “95 number,” or ID code, that all students, staff and faculty share. The campaign, called “Reset the Code,” is a call for the UO community to recommit to the common UO code of mutual respect and publicly reject hatred and complacency.

“I love the University of Oregon campus but I haven’t always felt welcomed,” says UO senior Tylynn Burns. “My peers and the faculty and staff don’t always have the tools to support our different marginalized communities. We’re here to support each other as Ducks and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to join this project.”

Burns is one of 23 students from different backgrounds, majors, states, and viewpoints who saw a need for a renewed commitment to civility and compassion on campus and beyond. The group connected through the student ad agency Allen Hall Advertising, but they all agreed an advertising campaign wouldn’t be enough. They wanted real change — a reset, so to speak, back to the values that all Ducks share.

Thus, Reset the Code was born.

More than just a clever slogan or a poster series, this immersive campaign includes actionable items to promote a campus-wide culture of respect.

Ways to participate:

  • Wear the Reset the Code stickers or buttons
  • Share things on your department or personal social media accounts with the hashtag #resetthecode
  • Take the pledge online and encourage others at
  • Watch the resource videos on the Reset website to learn how to reset
  • Visit the Reset Room in the EMU and share a story in a brave space
  • Attend the events listed on the Reset the Code website
  • Encourage a friend, co-worker, students, or others to sign the pledge banner on Friday, January 20 from 10-4 in the EMU