Technology Service Desk reopens in new home at the EMU

The Technology Service Desk – a free computer help desk for UO students, staff and faculty members – moved to the Erb Memorial Union on Monday, Sept. 21.

The change in location coincides with the Tech Desk's return to limited in-person service after several months fully remote.

"We're really excited about this move to the EMU," said Sara Stubbs, director of customer service and support for Information Services. "This is something we've been working toward for years."

The help desk is located on the building's lower level between Falling Sky pizzeria and the Craft Center, in the existing computer lab in Room 042. Previously managed by UO Libraries, the computer lab is now managed by Information Services, which continues to run the lab with half the number of computers to ensure adequate physical distancing after adding help desk services to the space.

"It's just by chance that we're moving the Tech Desk now, in the middle of the pandemic," Stubbs said. "But we're glad to make tech support more accessible at a time when technology has become so much more essential to everyone's lives."

To ensure adequate distancing in the room, in-person access to both the computer lab and tech support will be available by appointment only until further notice.

To use the printer or reserve time at a computer workstation, members of the campus community can book a computer lab appointment online. Appointments are available for any time the EMU is open, with the exception of the first half-hour of each day, which is reserved for staff to sanitize the space.

Anyone interested in making an appointment for in-person tech support should first contact the Tech Desk by phone at 541-346-4357 or by live chat for an intake assessment. As of Sept. 21, remote support is available 6 a.m. to midnight every day.

People can also submit tickets through the UO Service Portal at any time. In-person appointments will take place Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Previously located in Prince Lucien Campbell Hall, the Tech Desk provides UO students and employees with free assistance on a range of technology topics, including email, Wi-Fi, accounts, two-step login and a variety of software and devices.

Anyone with questions can contact the Tech Desk.

—By Nancy Novitski, University Communications