Research and Innovation

Kyle Welch in the lab
September 28

In a UO lab, water takes on the consistency of wine

Research by Eric Corwin and doctoral student Kyle Welch may point the way to easily converting one material to take on different duties
Dennis Jenkins and Ed Davis of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History
September 27

UO scientists place extinct horse with humans in Paisley Caves

Fossils found in archaeological excavations at the Oregon caves are found to be a species of a small horse that went extinct in last ice age
Leslie Leve of the College of Education
September 22

UO has role in new national initiative on children's health

NIH chooses research led by Leslie Leve as part of an initiative to probe environmental influences on health from pregnancy to early adulthood
Roger Tsien
September 16

Roger Tsien, Nobel chemist and UO researcher, dies at 64

Tsien was a member of the UO's Institute of Neuroscience since 2015
University of Oregon
September 9

Research funding, proposal numbers up, VPRI reports

External funding was up 2 percent, to $117 million, last year
Image shows a collection of dust on a shelf inside a building
September 8

UO team finds antibiotic resistance genes in indoor dust

Research led by postdoctoral fellow Erica Hartmann documents the first evidence of that combination in an indoor environment
Bootprint left by astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the surface of moon during the Apollo 11 mission
September 7

What a difference an 'a' makes

Neil Armstrong probably said 'That's a small step for a man ..." when he set foot on the moon, UO prof says
Lucas Silva, standing at right, in the field in Tibet.
September 2

New UO researcher finds surprise growth in Tibetan forest

Working with colleagues from China and the UC Davis, Lucas Silva unlocks a potentially new way to study how plants respond to climate change
Top half of the cover of Oregon Quarterly fall 2016 issue
August 30

New Oregon Quarterly digs up the UO's hidden treasures

The fall issue looks archival gems, imaginary friends and more
Dave Sutherland's team at work on boat at Alaskan glacier
August 30

Glacial ice is a way of life for UO oceanographer

Dave Sutherland reels in a boatload of National Science Foundation grants, including one with Mark Carey to study glaciers in Antarctica