Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2018

Photo by Chris Larsen and Nic Walcott, University Communications
October 3

Knowledge Quest: O'Day Fellowships and Undergrad Research

From the lab to the coast to the brain and even a virtual world, a new fellowship fuels exciting journeys in undergraduate research

Photo courtesy of University Communications
October 3

Undergraduate Research: What It Is, Why It Matters

Coordinators Kevin Hatfield and Josh Snodgrass on the importance of student projects

Di Grazia's research found that many Tibetans saw the proliferation of souvenirs and religious items as an avenue for people to educate themselves about Tibetan culture, rather than being an offensive practice. Photograph courtesy Amanda Di Grazia
October 3

Traveling to India to Track Tibetan Culture

A UO student investigates whether Tibetans oppose the commercialization of their religion

The spiritual values of Tibetan Buddhists, along with their respect for animal life, closely align with conservation principles, making them an excellent resource for snow leopard conservation efforts.
October 3

Hannah Taub and Saving the Snow Leopard

Monks could aid in conservation of the revered cats and help save them from extinction

Acosta-King was told he wouldn’t amount to much. Now he’s studying neural systems in mice and earning a doctorate in psychology. Photo by Chris Larsen, University Communications
October 3

From Homeless to a PhD: A Young Neuroscientist's Story

Determination, hard work, and the thrill of discovery lifts student from self-doubt to success

Alec Cowan studied Michi Yasui Ando, a 1940s English student whose life was disrupted by the internment of Japanese Americans. She provided the inspiration for a statue in Eugene memorializing victims of the action. Photo by Dustin Whitaker
October 3

English as Weapon, English as Sanctuary

A study of Japanese internment in Oregon details a nation’s fear and a girl’s plight during World War II

Stafford, a second-generation poetry healer, will follow in his father's footsteps with his new position as Oregon's poet laureate. Photo by Kendrick Moholt
October 3

Eloquent Listener: Poet Laureate Kim Stafford

English alumnus Kim Stafford on the healing power of poetry and its important role in today's society

October 3

German-Theater Student Explores Kafka and Immigration

German-theater student recasts The Trial to examine human rights

The multifaceted history of Portland’s Morningside mental health facility intrigued student researchers.
October 3

Students in Global Health Examine Portland Institution

Foray into mental illness shifts to problems at a Portland institution

Illustrations by Becky Hoag
October 3

Undergrad Researcher Asks: Why Are TV Audiences Anti-Antiheroine?

Carrie Bradshaw vs. Tony Soprano—what's the big difference between the two?