Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2018

From the lab to the coast to the brain and even a virtual world, a new fellowship fuels exciting journeys in undergraduate research
Coordinators Kevin Hatfield and Josh Snodgrass on the importance of student projects
A UO student investigates whether Tibetans oppose the commercialization of their religion
Monks could aid in conservation of the revered cats and help save them from extinction
Determination, hard work, and the thrill of discovery lifts student from self-doubt to success
A study of Japanese internment in Oregon details a nation’s fear and a girl’s plight during World War II
English alumnus Kim Stafford on the healing power of poetry and its important role in today's society
German-theater student recasts The Trial to examine human rights
Foray into mental illness shifts to problems at a Portland institution
Carrie Bradshaw vs. Tony Soprano—what's the big difference between the two?
Associate professor of linguistics discusses undergraduate research, the Apollo 11 mission, and the Oxford English Dictionary
Challenging path through undergraduate research ends with career in health care
Experience and skills from undergraduate linguistic research translate for seller of motorcycle gear
Nearly two dozen new advisors will guide students through education to careers
PathwayOregon, which combines financial aid with advising, celebrates 10 years
The enigma of the copy editor's favorite punctuation and the haunting memories that often accompany it
Letters to the editor include an argument for the relevance of Animal House; condemning political correctness; remembering Hope Pressman
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