College of Education

People at table reaching for food
October 6

Study finds that environment plays a role in kids’ obesity

The findings show the problem among young children isn’t just due to genetics
Teacher with head on book
September 14

UO, OHSU work to prevent special education teacher burnout

Researchers are gathering data to help identify new ways to mitigate stress
Child reading to stuffed animals
September 4

COE researchers developing new assessment for oral reading

The team is developing speech recognition software that will be scored by computers
Student wearing noise-canceling headphones
August 19

The UO's brain injury research gets into more teachers’ hands

Educators can now access key findings that help kids get back into the classroom
Paper chains in a circle
July 29

UO team works to boost access to mental health tools for youth

Researchers want to spread a successful pilot program for sixth graders nationwide
Moving the MRI into place
July 13

New magnetic imaging device will double lab's capacity

The state-of-the-art instrument is part of the UO's Lewis Center for Neuroimaging
Elementary student at laptop
July 6

Grant will bring online science lessons to elementary students

UO researchers will develop and evaluate a web-based science curriculum for elementary school students to supplement their in-class science learning as part
Child looking out window
July 6

UO experts aid families coping with autism during pandemic

UO webinar offers ideas to offset disruptions of routine life and education services
Alice Viles, Lillian Loftin and Russell Arkin
June 8

Program adapts equity, social justice teaching to pandemic era

UOTeach had to rethink how to work with teachers and students in crisis
Teacher with young students
June 5

Reading program for elementary schools get update at COE

Originally developed at the UO, the program helps first and second graders learn to read