Academics and Research

Fake news illustration
February 24

Library guide, SOJC offer tools and tips to combat fake news

These days, it seems everyone is aware of the “fake news” phenomenon.
Computational chemist Christopher Hendon
February 22

Computational chemist to join energy and materials cluster

Christopher Hendon will help the UO advance research on sustainable products
Patrick Phillips looking into a microscope in the lab
February 21

A UO lab digs into worms in the quest to lengthen human life

The UO’s Patrick Phillips helps tackle a problem of reproducibility while studying potential anti-aging compounds
Family at a food booth in Ecuador
February 17

Food in focus at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

New ‘Hungry Planet’ exhibit, opening Feb. 24, and related events will celebrate food and culture around the world
Image shows a girl accepting marijuana
February 16

UO study suggests new approach for curbing teen drug use

Researcher Atika Khurana says teens with weak working memory, poor impulse control and progressive drug use at risk for later addiction
View of Rorschach Blot 10
February 14

Visions in famous inkblots are triggered by fractal patterns

Understanding how human vision was fooled on Rorschach’s psychological test may help the UO’s Richard Taylor design retinal implants
Two female UO students view a large dataset image in the science library's Visulaization Lab
February 13

UO Libraries invites researchers to 'Love Your Data' this week

The annual social media event encourages good data management
Person holding up a German newspaper
February 10

UO-led analysis finds trepidation about Trump in Europe

SOJC doctoral student taps his Austria roots for a collaborative project
Globe showing South America
February 9

Grants offered for graduate research projects in Latin America

Tinker Grants are offered by the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies
A map of the EMU interior
February 3

UO lab follows an innovative course with campus mapping

Campus GIS and Mapping is developing tools that give maps new dimensions