Oregon Quarterly Spring 2014

Photograph by National Geographic
April 1

On Top of the World

In 1963, UO alum Luther Jerstad and 17 fellow Americans summited Mount Everest

Photograph courtesy Buckles Blog
April 1

The Elephant in the Room

Neglected in life, in death "The Mighty Tusko" teaches lessons both social and evolutionary

The ridgeline to summit trail on Mount Pisgah. Photograph by John Bear
April 1

Mount Pisgah's Moment

Lane County's beloved mountain, with its network of hiking trails, is now the centerpiece of a major conservation area

April 1

Building Oregon

Highlights of a decade-long wave of construction that has changed the UO campus landscape

Australian "Angel" Don Ritchie kindly listened to people on the brink of suicide, helping 160 choose to live. Photograph by Marco Del Grande (Sydney Morning Herald)
April 1

An Overlooked Virtue

A UO philosopher explores how acts of kindness can transform lives and increase human bonds

Katie Dwyer '10, MA '12, completed her first Inside-Out course at Oregon State Penitentiary in 2007. The Mitchell Scholar is now working to launch the program in Northern Ireland. Photograph by Tiffany Kimmel
April 1

Building Inside-Out

For the university's first Mitchell Scholar, her journey across the globe began in a classroom at a maximum-security prison

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock
April 1

Cultivating Calm

Professor applies his research with meditation to help students succeed in classrooms and careers

6'11" senior center Waverly Austin gives his jersey to a soldier. Photograph by Deirdre Shean Kanzig '83
April 1

Thank You for Serving

The UO men's basketball team flies to Korea to entertain troops for an "away game"

Conner Gordon stands in front of a giant Port Orford cedar located on the UO campus between Deady and Allen Hall. Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

The Best... Tree on Campus

A towering cedar tree on campus holds a special place in the hearts of two generations of Ducks

Photograph courtesy of Colin Koopman
April 1

Profile: Colin Koopman

An assistant professor of philosophy talks about the relevance of his field for all UO students