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Nathan Apsel
BS ’08, MActg ’09

Vice President of Finance, 8VC, San Francisco, California

At first glance, you might not associate accounting with entrepreneurship. But at my firm, it’s a bit like Shark Tank on a day-to-day basis.

At 8VC, we get referrals of companies through our network. And just like Shark Tank, entrepreneurs will come and present to us in the boardroom and pitch their ideas and it goes to a vote.

Right out of college I joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in San Francisco in their audit practice. I started working with clients in the private equity industry, hedge funds, real estate funds, and other areas within those financial markets. After over eight years at PWC, I had an opportunity to join 8VC, a venture capital firm. At 8VC, I oversee the portfolio investment financing process, financial reporting of our investment funds, tax compliance, and other reporting matters to our investors.

It’s a fascinating world. I get to work with entrepreneurs and the founders of these companies—fascinating, brilliant people who are just unbelievably motivated. To spend time around them has been a true joy.

The way I view a college education is that there are really two parts. One is what I’m going to call the book smarts—the core curriculum that is instrumental in giving you the ability to jump-start your career. The other part is developing the personal skills, such as working in a group environment. That’s really what the UO gave me: that base for success in the professional world.

My advice for future Ducks is to leverage the amazing University of Oregon network. You come to the UO and gain that fundamental education, but you also build this lifelong network. It’s that concept of “once a Duck always a Duck.”

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