Congratulations, Graduates!

It was a day to dance, to cheer, and to acknowledge more than 5,200 graduates at the University of Oregon’s 143rd commencement ceremony. As the class of 2019 marked the start of thousands of new journeys, they were encouraged to remain curious, challenged to make the world better, and reassured that once a Duck, always a Duck.

Graduates watching the ceremony during President Schill's speech

A family member congratulating a graduate
Three female graduates during the Duck Grad Parade
Graduates celebrating during the Duck Grad Parade
Friends and family holding cardboard cutouts of a graduate's face

A view of the Duck Grad Parade from above

Three graduatres celebrating during the Duck Grad Parade
Graduates following their school and college banners in the Duck Grad Parade



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A Day of Celebration

Families, friends, and the UO community lined 13th Street to cheer on the class of 2019 in the Duck Grad Parade. Graduates were jubilant as they made their way from the Erb Memorial Union to Matthew Knight Arena for the University Commencement Ceremony.

The Duck carrying a graduate in front of Johnson Hall

Students walking in the Duck Grad Parade
A graduate waving at the camera while walking in the Duck Grad Parade
Graduates in Matthew Knight Arena

The Duck shaking hands with graduates in Matthew Knight Arena

Two graduates singing during the commencement ceremony

Two graduates holding a rainbow banner during the commencement ceremony
A graduate gesturing to friends and family in the stands during the commencement ceremony
A graduate waving to the stands during the commencement ceremony
Graduates cheering during the commencement ceremony

Two gradutes hugging in the stands during the commencement ceremony

A graduate decked out in leis during the commencement ceremony
Graduates celebrating at the end of the commencement ceremony



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Reflection and Inspiration

Graduates, administrators, and special guests took to the podium at the University Commencement Ceremony. They offered words of advice and reminiscence—as well as a few challenges—which were met with enthusiasm by the class of 2019.

Watch the Ceremony

President Michael Schill speaking during the 2019 commencement ceremony

“You are now educated. But education has no end. To be successful in the next chapter of your lives, you must commit to always keep learning.”

—President Michael H. Schill

Maria Alejandra Gallegos-Chacón

“You are successful and accomplished, so don’t let weird capitalistic structures make you feel like less. You are not a product of your labor.”

—Maria Alejandra Gallegos-Chacón, BA '19 (Ethnic Studies)
President, Associated Students of the University of Oregon (2018-19)

Katja Kasimatis

“Our intellectual contributions will move society forward, which is why society’s continued support of public education and funding for basic research is so important.”

—Katja Kasimatis, PhD '19 (Biology)

Tre’von Robinson

“Be proud, feel empowered, and never let anyone or anything stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.”

—Tre’Von Robinson, BA '19 (Latin American Studies), BA '19 (Spanish)

Governor Kate Brown

“The world is your home. Commit yourself to home improvement. There is no shortage of projects. Pick one: a cause, a candidate, a child.”

—Governor Kate Brown



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From Grad Cap to Canvas

All Ducks know that you can never have too much green. Still, some graduates wanted to stand out from the gown-clad crowd. They transformed their mortarboards with personal messages of celebration and optimism, paying tribute to their years spent at the UO and looking ahead to what comes next.

Mortar board that says Oregon 2019, Thank You Mom and Dad

Mortar board that says Soy Valiente, Soy Invencible, Soy Mujer (I'm Courageous, I'm Invincible, I'm Woman)

Mortar board with trees and a landscape on top

Mortar board that says Ready for Another Adventure

Mortar board that says Four Years Later

Mortar board that says I left my heart in Oregon

Mortar board that says I've reached my full action potential. Thanks G.G., Lynn, Mom, and Dad

Mortar board that says Be Strong, Fly with flowers and bees on it

Mortar board that says Just Did It! Thanks mom and dad


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