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Academic Ducks: School of Music and Dance

“It’s kind a minor miracle, that a musician, that these students, are able to take a piece of paper with basically symbols on it,” said Rodney Dorsey, associate professor of conducting, “translate it into sound and hopefully have it have an effect on you, the listener, out in the hall.”

Our School of Music and Dance has been guiding scholars, artists, dreamers and performances for more than a century.

Students immerse themselves in a supportive community of artists and scholars who learn, perform and socialize together.

More than 30 student ensembles present repertoire from the classical to the contemporary, creating the opportunity to practice and perform in cutting edge facilities and engage with alumni and supporters.

This video is part of a series that will highlight each of the UO’s schools and colleges, focusing on outstanding students and faculty members.  All videos in the series can be found at "Take a video tour of the UO's schools and colleges" on Around the O.