Adobe software is free for students through July 6

University of Oregon students can now use Adobe Creative Cloud software for free through July 6.

Adobe recently announced the extension to its expanded student access, which the company had originally granted through May 31.

Instructions for students to download Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and related Adobe applications are available in the UO Service Portal. Students may install the software on up to two personal devices each.

Adobe is temporarily allowing use of Creative Cloud on students' personal computers to support remote education during COVID-19. Previously, UO student access was limited to campus computer labs.

Unrelated to the COVID-19 outbreak, Creative Cloud is also available to all UO faculty and staff members. Employees may install the software on up to two computers, which may include both university-owned and personal devices. To obtain Creative Cloud software, faculty and staff members should follow the instructions for employees in the UO Service Portal.

Most other software from the UO's computer labs is available through the new campus virtual lab.

For help with software, students can contact the Technology Service Desk or visit the site-licensed software page in the UO Service Portal. Staff and faculty members should contact IT staff in their respective units, if available, or the Tech Desk or they can visit the site-licensed software page.

—By Nancy Novitski, University Communications