Ethnic studies instructor Alai Reyes-Santos

An instructor in the Department of Ethnic Studies, Alaí Reyes-Santos is recognized for her excellence in teaching and curricular innovations.

Reyes-Santos created the curriculum for Caribbean Ethnic Studies, transformed the specialization in transnational critical ethnic studies, and brought in collaborative partners from Latin American Studies and African Diaspora Studies.

Reyes-Santos’ classes are, in the words of one colleague, “an example of student-centered learning at its best.” Students gravitate toward Reyes-Santos because they appreciate the supportive, enthusiastic way she pushes them to learn.

Many students have echoed the sentiments of one student evaluator who said, “this was the hardest and most challenging class I have ever taken, but also the best class, and I learned so much.” Others have called Reyes-Santos’s teaching “inspirational,” “creative” and “fantastic.” 

In recognition of her excellence in teaching, Alai Reyes-Santos is the recipient of the 2015 Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching.

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