Annual Campus Night Safety Walk will hit the streets on Nov. 9

Campus sidewalk at night

High-efficiency streetlights and careful landscaping create bright, clear paths on campus after dark, but it takes the whole community to keep that high standard. The Annual Campus Night Safety walk allows people to give the UO feedback on areas that can be improved for nighttime safety.

This year’s walk is Thursday, Nov. 9, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Erb Memorial Union’s second-floor Cedar and Spruce rooms. As always, anyone from the community is welcome, especially UO students.

The event starts with a quick overview of past projects and discussion of the walking route for the night. Then the group will leave for a walk around campus, finishing by 7 p.m. Pizza will be provided.

“Student safety on our campus is a huge priority,” said Amy Schenk, president of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon. “We also want students to know that their suggestions count and result in positive change. A lot of improvements to campus have come in the past from this event, and we want to keep that momentum going.”

The safety walk allows campus community members to point out areas in need of better lighting or landscaping that could make pathways safer at night for pedestrians. Each year, staff from Campus Planning and Facilities Management notes and prioritizes suggestions for improvements and then secures funding to complete as much of the work as possible.

ASUO, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, the Office of the Dean of Students, the University of Oregon Police Department and Safety and Risk Services host the event.

A new feature allows people to go to and find the “campus at night” map that shows lighted pathways and emergency call boxes. Users can also submit locations and descriptions for suggested improvements.