Charitable Fund Drive offers an effective way to give

Since 1989, the Oregon Employees’ Charitable Fund Drive has been an efficient, simple way for state of Oregon and university employees to donate to nonprofit agencies. The local agencies that receive funds work in areas such as diversity and human rights, disaster relief, arts and culture, food and housing insecurity, the environment and more.

One hundred percent of the money donated will go directly to each donor’s designated organizations.

Faculty and staff may donate by monthly payroll deduction or via a one-time pledge. Contributions are tax deductible. 

The drive ends on Dec. 27. As of Nov. 27, 76 UO employees have donated a total of $36,320. 

The Giving Guide lists over 850 local organizations donors can choose from. Donors may designate one or multiple agencies to support. Gifts from the fund drive are combined and distributed in a single check, which reduces the processing time and cost for the receiving agencies, as compared with numerous checks from individual donors. 

Questions about the fund drive can be directed to each unit’s coordinator or emailed to

Charitable Fund Drive resources:

  • Donate via the Charitable Fund Drive website.
  • Paper donation forms for employees who cannot use the online form.
  • Giving Guide lists the 850+ nonprofit agencies donors can designate.
  • Campaign video from United Way of Lane County, one of the participating nonprofits.