Concur travel system now sends trip advisory messages

This month, Safety and Risk Services enabled a new feature in Concur, the university’s travel and expense management system, that sends risk-related communication to travelers. University travelers may see three types of travel safety messages.

One arrives when travel is booked, showing the threat level of the destination and encouraging travelers to register their travel with UO Risk Management to ensure that the traveler is covered under the UO’s supplemental travel insurance.

The second message types are pre-trip travel advisories, for trips to areas considered medium to extremely high risk. These arrive 10 days before departure and provide information about the risks in the destination area.

The third type are risk alerts, for high-risk destinations, describing imminent risks, advising areas to avoid or other precautions. Alerts arrive whenever new risks are identified and may be sent prior to or during the trip.

When the risk alert advice is to not travel to the area, Safety and Risk Services will reach out to the traveler to talk through mitigation options. Travelers may also receive alerts if their trip includes layover stops in high-risk areas.

More information on travel is available at Questions on the Concur advisories can be sent to