Data privacy campaign shares tips for protecting data

This January, the University of Oregon's Information Security Office is encouraging the UO community to get a little "snobbier" about data privacy.

The UO campaign for Data Privacy Week 2023, in coordination with the National Cybersecurity Alliance, includes tips for being a data privacy snob.

"The services you use are constantly collecting data about you, such as how you use them, where you are, even the number of steps you take each day," said José Domínguez, interim chief information security officer. "We're asking everyone to get a little more thoughtful — 'snobby,' if you will — about who and what has access to your data."

According to recent estimates by Fortune Business Insights, the global data analytics market was worth more than $270 billion last year and will grow to $650 billion by the end of the decade.

"Your data is incredibly valuable," Domínguez said. "These tips can help you protect it."

People seeking help with data privacy can contact the IT staff who support their unit or submit an information security consulting request in the UO Service Portal.