Deadline is near for nominations to OQ's 100 Ducks list

UO grad Susan Sygall

The deadline is approaching for nominations to Oregon Quarterly’s search for “100 Ducks Who Made a Difference.”

The deadline for submitting names is April 15.

For its 100th-anniversary issue this summer, the magazine will recognize 100 Ducks who, through grit, talent, compassion, creativity or sheer force of personality have made the world better: alumni, students, faculty members, staff, administrators or those just affiliated with the UO in some way. Past or present, big or small, the magazine wants them all and needs help suggesting nominees.

Who are the game-changers, the innovators and inventors, the leaders and lawmakers, the teachers, artists, athletes, entertainers, writers, scientists, musicians, journalists, humanitarians and philanthropists — and don’t forget, the everyday Ducks — without whom this world would be just a bit less bright?

Visit to nominate your Duck. Include your name, email address and a brief description of the contribution made by this person to the world. Oregon Quarterly might reach out for details or give you an opportunity to be part of the story. Maybe your Duck will join the list of difference-makers.