Department of Revenue offers state-specific W-4 form

Employees can now use form OR-W-4 to set a state tax withholding amount separate from their federal tax withholding.

Due to changes in federal tax laws, using the federal form W-4 for state withholding purposes may no longer result in the correct amount of withholding for Oregon personal income taxes. This could result in owing money when taxes are filed.

The form and its instructions are available through the payroll office. Although employees are not required to complete an Oregon W-4 for 2019, it is required to claim an exemption from state income tax withholding in 2019. Employees must also submit the form to payroll if they want to add an additional withholding amount to their Oregon state income tax withholdings each month.

To check your state withholding, go to and click on the link for the online withholding calculator, which will help you calculate your state withholding allowances.