Duck ID: A new face on an old card

UO identification card

The University of Oregon identification cards are getting a major facelift this summer, when the university will officially debut a new design for the IDs after nearly 10 years without a change.

The new design was created through an undergraduate student competition, with the winner ultimately selected by a committee of professionals and students. The update was intended to bring a little more creativity to the cards, as opposed to the generic look currently on the IDs.

“The committee wanted to find a design that would last, that matched the brand and feel of the university and ultimately a design that was uniquely ‘UO,’” said Lauren Miller, director of marketing for the Division of Student Life.

“We wanted to bring the design into the present — the new design is a little more timeless than the current one,” said Tamarra White, the guest services manager in the UO Card Office.

After 10 years, the cards were due for an update. Kathleen Darby, the student who created the winning design, worked as a student graphic designer for UO Housing and will graduate this spring with a bachelor of fine arts in digital arts.

“When I was informed of the design competition, I knew that I wanted to illustrate something,” Darby said. “I decided to pay tribute to our beautiful campus as well as highlight the residence halls and iconic university architecture.”

Technology-wise, nothing about the card is changing: Students and faculty will still be able to use the campus cash and LTD bus pass features, along with building access and other benefits. However, all students who use their cards to gain access to buildings on campus will need to update their card information with that building in order to continue access.

The new card will first be issued to incoming students during this summer's IntroDUCKtion. Current students and faculty and staff will be asked to come to the newly renovated Erb Memorial Union beginning fall term to pick up their new Duck ID.

Additionally, current faculty, staff and students (not graduating before fall 2016) who would like to update their ID photos along with the new cards must upload those to the UO Card Office’s website by May 1. Individuals can submit a selfie for the design or a regular photo.

—By Nathaniel Brown, University Communications intern